paint for building materials

Main product models:

Green Lu

Main Product Model:

Green Lu90-210, Lu90-220, Lu90-230

Product Use:

Widely used in building materials, paints, plastics, etc.

Product Standard:

Due to the actual use of the conditions in our control, the company’s information provided for reference, research, comparison purposes only, our company does not assume warranty and obligations, please use must do a good job of application testing.

Model Content Color difference Coloring power Water soluble material Sieve residue
325 mesh (45μm)
PHvalue Oil absorption 105℃
Volatile matter
Heat loss 
  Min% Max% Rang Max% Max% Rang Rang Max% Max%
Lu90-210   1.5 95~105   0.3     1.5  
Lu90-220   1.5 95~105   0.3     1.5  
Lu90-230   1.5 95~105   0.3     1.5  

Green Product Color Card:


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