iron oxide yellow

Product performance:

Excellent physical and chemical properties.Strong coverage, high coloring force, soft color, stable performance, and non-toxic is green-type environmental protection pigments.

Main product models:

iron oxide yellow:

G313, G313-310, G313-330, orange G313-340; ZO01-520;        

Product use:

Widely used in artificial marble, terrazzo, rubber products coloring, but also used in watercolor, paint and architectural coatings, paper.

Product application:

Products have good dispersion, storage and stability, and the application system of other components of good solubility. Cement products general pigment ginseng dosage according to the user’s different requirements for color is generally cement 2-10%, suitable dosage for 3-5%. We are happy to provide you with color consistent products, and please do a good job before using the application test.

Technical Standard:

Due to the actual use of the conditions in our control, the company’s information provided for reference, research, comparison purposes only, our company does not assume warranty and obligations, please use must do a good job of application testing.

Model Content Color difference Coloring power Water soluble material Sieve residue
325 mesh (45μm)
PHvalue Oil absorption 105℃
Volatile matter
Heat loss 
  Min% Max% Rang Max% Max% Rang Rang Max% Max%
G313 86 1.0 95~105 0.5 0.4 3.5~7 25~25 1.0 14
G313-310 86 1.0 95~105 0.5 0.4 3.5~7 25~25 1.0 14
G313-330 86 1.0 95~105 0.5 0.4 3.5~7 25~25 1.0 14
Orange yellowG313-340 86 1.0 95~105 0.5 0.4 3.5~7 25~25 1.0 14


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