Factory Price For Iron Oxide Red Black Yellow Brown - Iron oxide red for 130a – Huamei

The Function of the Produnt:

     With excellent physical and chemical properties. Strong hiding power ,soft color ,stable performance, alkali resistance weak acid and dilute acid has a certain stablity, has excellent light resistance ,does not dissolve in water and organic solvents, has excellent rust resistance and uv function.

Main Product Model:

     Iron oxide red H110,Y101,H130,Chuinese Red,H101(1#,2#),HO 01-02,H190;

Product use:

     Suitable for color asphalt, permeable concrete, wear-resistant floor ,color,brick,color tile, etc

Product Application:

     The product has good dispersibility,storage,compatibility with other,components in the applicable system ,and can enhance the rust resistance of paint,uv resistance and other properties.